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There’s A Hair In My Pie

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I’m pretty picky about my porn. I don’t understand why so many people in this day and age shave their entire bodies. Personally, I like hair. I’m alright with a girl shaving her legs and armpits but I think the vagina is meant to have hair on it. Little girls are hairless. Women should have a bed of hair like a crown on their pussies. This goes for men too. The more hair the better. Hairy back, hairy chest, beard, moustache and lots of hair like a lion’s mane around the cock.

Just think about fucking a tight pussy then pulling out and shooting your load all over her. Do you want it just running down her crack and disappearing? Hell no, I want her to have hair to catch that cum. Keep it in place so I can admire my work for awhile. If you feel the same way you can save money at and see all the hairy porn your heart desires and save some mula in the process.

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